Megadeth reveals new album artwork


In order to watch the latest Megadeth’s album,  you have to solve a puzzle or a memory game actually. I usually suck at these type of games and avoid them as much as I can, but this one I had to solve. That’s how important is for me the next Megadeth album. (I actually got a score of 48 tries, as I said, I suck at these type of games). If you access these Megadeth game link, you can play it too, maybe you’ll beat me. But now I have to ruin the surprise and post the image, so sorry guys for ruining the surprise but maybe there are other fans that don’t have time to solve the puzzle so I have to help them.


Source. Megadeth – Super Collider

For those that don’t know already, the album’s name is Super Collider and it’s the band’s 14th album, and is going to be out on June 4th this year.

If you’re accessing the link above you can also listen to a new song preview for Don’t Turn You’re Back. More details about the tour you’ll find here. And videos from the studio just over here.

So, if you have any opinions about this new album artwork, just share it I’m just curious if anybody can explain me what the f*** is this.

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  • Progressive Republican

    Now let’s hope that they haven’t made her a carrot junkie.

  • bre


  • bre

    insect prong trying sticking in the palm, eek. perhaps is bird food or BATS food ,is why is rare.

  • Hung Chau

    When I was a young boy I used to catch these crickets for meal. They are different in colors. The crickets that I used to catch were white color. Their legs were very strong that they could hurt you badly if you are careless. However, when I visited Vietnam a couple months ago, I found that there are no more crickets of that size. The people just don’t know the reason why that happens. What the people at that time did was they cut the tail of the stomach and inserted peanut with some salt then they roasted the crickets for about a minute. The cricket’s meat actually tasted like shrimp. That why at that time we, kids, used to call these crickets Land Shrimps.