Bullet For My Valentine released new video: Raising Hell



Source Bullet For My Valentine logo

Rising Hell from Bullet For My Valentine was actually released on November 18 at BBC  Radio 1’s show, Rock Show, but today they finally unveiled the video for this song.

The video is not such of a big deal but I have to say that I am still impressed by the new Bullet For My Valentine sound, they sound more mature now.

Talking about the sound, the band’s drummer also said that:

It’s definitely more of a step towards our first two records. We always like to keep changing our records and our sounds and stuff. I think you have to change, otherwise it gets boring for us and the fans get bored. Look at all the great bands through rock history; they changed on all their albums — especially METALLICA. Their albums have always changed, and they’re the biggest metal band ever. So we just want to keep changing and get to another level each time out.

Well, I think that these guys really understand how the music industry works and how their fans think, which is something to appreciate at a band nowadays. I am so excited for the upcoming songs because it seems that these guys already have some ideas for five or six songs.

Just enjoy the video below!

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