Led Zeppelin O2 Arena DVD might see the light of day

Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin‘s recent, and possibly only, massive reunion gig that took place last December at the O2 Arena, might get on DVD. Speaking in the upcoming May issue of Uncut, the band’s guitarist Jimmy Page admitted that they had a crew that filmed the December 10 show, but confessed there wasn’t any intention whatsoever to convert the footage into a live DVD.

“It was recorded, but we didn’t go in with the express purpose of making a DVD,” he said. “We haven’t seen the images or investigated the multi-tracks. It’s feasible that it might come out at some distant point, but it’ll be a massive job to embark on.”

Will it ever come out on DVD? Heck yeah, I can bet my left nut on it, but I’m also certain it will take a while before it gets out. It would be a crime not to (for my left nut’s sake anyway) and if the band never goes on tour ever again, it will inevitable come out. Plus they’ll make a killing…

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