Michael Jackson’s thriller on Broadway? Gosh…

Michael Jackson - Thriller

Michael Jackson - Thriller

In a recent NY Times news blurp, it’s said that Michael Jackson‘s epic pop masterpiece, the 1982 “Thriller,” will most likely get revamped as a Broadway musical, after the Nederlander Organization bought off the rights to produce it. According to the NYT,  the whole album, along with MJ’s other smashing record, “Off The Wall,” will serve as soundtracks, while one of the most popular music video ever made will, probably, be the concept.

Dancing zombies isn’t exactly Cats, but it might just work. Oh, and Michael Jackson himself is supposidly on board too, to help out with the concept.

We might just have a load of fluff on our hands, but one thing’s for certain: if this actually makes it on stage, it’s gonna be painfully interesting. Discuss.

Till then, check out a Bollywood version.

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