New Goldfrapp video: ‘A&E’

It’s been just a few days since we posted [tag]Goldfrapp[/tag] acoustic pop ballad “A&E” stream, that we just enjoyed and made us anxious to hear the rest of the group’s upcoming album “Seventh Tree.” The video for “A&E” is quite beautiful and calming, in perfect harmony with the actual song and seeing as it’s been direct by Douglas Wilson, whom you might remember as the director for Bat For Lashes’ terrific video for What A Girl To Do the slight creepiness and fairytale look is kinda explainable. The video sees Alison Goldfrapp strolling through a utopic-like forest, in a impeccable, glowing white dress, surrounded by jovial, dancing, kinda creepy forest people. It’s a really smooth video that fits the song like a glove and causes a some what weary addiction, that we just love. Seventh Tree rolls out on February 22.

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