New Flaming Lips Double-LP set for fall

Flaming Lips

Flaming Lips

Awesome news for Flaming Lips fans and neo-psychedelia aficionados alike, as the Oklahomians are set to return with some new material this fall in the form of a double-LP (like x2!). That’s twice as much music, twice as much Wayne Coyne and twice as much fun!

Don’t get too eager now, fellas, since although the album is titled, namely “Embryonic,”  and quite a great deal of material has been recorded in Steven Drozd’s house, the whole thing’s still a mess. A lot of mixing and cutting and pasting together will be required until we can see the final cut, especially for this LP. Twice as much fun for the lisner, twice as much work for the artist.

“Somewhere along the way it occurred to me that we should do a double album… Just this idea that you can weave a couple of themes into there and you can sprawl a little bit,” said the band’s frontman Wayne Coyne. “I think it must be like being a cook in the kitchen you’re preparing this great thing but by the time it’s ready you’re sick of it because you’ve been smelling it, you’ve got it in your hair and in your fingers and all that,” he told BBC 6 Music.

Oh, joy! Expect Embryonic to come out sometime in September, ’09.

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