Deerhunter videos: ‘Cover Me (Slowly)’ and ‘Microcastle’



This year’s Microcastle by Deerhunter was really beautiful from multiple points of view. I was really impressed by it, and considering I’m not a very big fan of the artsy genre, that says a lot. “Cover Me (Slowly)” and the title track, “Microcastle,” are two of my favorite tracks of the record – the first, a great soothing trip down chill-ville, too bad it’s a bit short; the other, a very upbeat song which just, kinda, makes you jump and around.

Recently, though, I was really surprised to find out that a close collaborator of the band, Adam (‘Deerhunter Alumni, played auxiliary drum kit in one line-up…’ according to Brandon Cox), made a video for each song. The videos have been filmed and cut all by his hands, and from this few views I’ve had the chance to sample, it looks fabulous. Check out the videos bellow, as well as a short description for every one by Adam. Oh and don’t forget to check out Adam’s Rabbits Full of Magic blog, too.

Cover Me (Slowly):

I had talked to Bradford about doing some video and I knew this was a fall/winter record, so upon finding myself going up Borestone mountain in Maine in the middle of October at peak season for color-changing leaves, I captured the footage that ended up in these videos. “Cover Me (Slowly)” kept making me think of the beginning of Twin Peaks so when I found a waterfall at the foothills of the mountain I knew it was meant to be. I changed the tint to match some of the cover art, a pink picture of someone with a skull in their eye…


I was in the back seat of my aunt’s car going up Borestone mountain and riding to the spot where you get out before you hike up it, and playing with the video camera as it was zoomed in really far into the trees, which gave me the idea for the Microcastle video. The speed and variety of colors flying by reminded me of the rush you get at the end of this song, which is a soaring coda after a very peaceful and reserved verse section. For the beginning I wanted some kind of fall still life that shimmered with the sound of the song…

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